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" I have attended a few of Leeann's Meditation classes, and they are amazing! She is one of the nicest people I have crossed paths with in a very long time. She was able to teach me the basics and beyond of meditation, quieting my mind and connecting with Spirit. She has one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard for a guided meditation. She is also a very gifted Medium and was able to give me very personal messages from the other side. If your looking for an introduction to meditation, to further along your connection with Spirit, or if you are looking for a message from Spirit, she is your lady! Thank you

Leeann from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my spiritual journey! I am sure our paths will cross again." XOXO  


R.B.~ Orangeville

"It's hard to find the right words to describe my experience with Leeann. Simply put, she is amazing! I'm so grateful to have been connected with her, she gave me immense healing and peace. She told me things nobody would have known. Truly the most beautiful healing session I have ever experienced. I can't wait to have a Reiki session done with her as well. I highly highly recommend her! I can't thank you enough Leeann."

N.SZ.~ Alton

"It was more than I expected it to be..was very happy to feel the energy flow in my bad knees & am looking forward to more sessions. Leeann was just terrific in sensing where I needed the help. Would highly recommend you try Reiki."

J.M.~ Brampton

"Leeann is a tremendously gifted healer. Thank you so much for a truly wonderful and powerful Reiki session.."

E.M.~ Orangeville

"When I come to meditation class, I feel like I am coming home."

S.W.~ Brampton

"Leeann was absolutely Amazing!!!! Such a great experience. Friendly, welcoming, compassionate and VERY accurate. I felt so much at home and comfortable from the moment I walked in the door!!! Absolutely a MUST experience......."


J.M.~ Orangeville

"Thank you so much Leeann for yesterday. It touched the bottom of my heart to hear from my dad. And to know that he is near and proud of me. It was definitely a confidence boost for me, to hear that from both my dad and grandpa. It was great to hear my little Charlie's name also lol I am so grateful. I will be back for sure xx"


K.S.~ Orangeville

"I have had the absolute pleasure of attending several of Leeann's meditation classes and I also received my level 1 Reiki practitioner certification from Leeann. She has a truly beautiful soul, with a vast knowledge in all areas related to spiritual development. She readily & happily shares and shines her light for others, always providing guidance, encouragement, support and healing. Without Leeann I would not have been able to develop and be as successful as I now am in my own spiritual Practice. I am truly grateful! Thank you Leeann!"


A.T.~ Brampton

"Being a Mom of 2, it is seldom that I find the time just for me and to truly quiet the mind. Leeann not only taught me how to quiet the mind effectively thru meditation (something I thought I would not be able to do) but also how important this is for me and my wellbeing which in turn benefits my kids, family, job etc. I am so grateful for this. Her soothing voice, calm energy and patience made it all so enjoyable.

I have also enrolled my kids in her meditation programs and they too have enjoyed the classes and the benefits. Leeann involves all the kids in creative ways to find a meditation that works well for each individual. They even come away with amazing tools to continue to work on meditation at home. So important in this world where kids (and adults) have so much screen time and social media access to remember to enjoy some down time and to quiet the mind with meditation. 
I have called on Leeann for Reiki sessions as well. I feel lightened, uplifted and new again once the session is complete. Leeann truly has healing hands and a healing energy that radiates from her. The messages she gives after these sessions have always been "spot on" and so helpful to my healing.
Leeann's Mediumship (whether private or group) are always insightful, truthful, and comfortable. There is such a feeling of genuine love and messages that I really needed to hear. I am so truly blessed and grateful to have such a wonderful guide on my journey to continuous spiritual growth."


D.M.~ Orangeville

I have known Leeann for only a few years and so appreciate her abilities. My daughter and I joined her beginners meditation workshop. It was so enlightening and I feel I have retained the learnings.
Leeann is kind and caring and has been instrumental in my healing journey. Her Reiki treatments are soothing and profound. She has gone beyond and provided energy work and healing to my sister in hospital.
Such a lovely soul.

P.WW.~ Mono

I started going to Leeann when she first started her journey as a healer , her skills and powers are amazing , she has helped me overcome some difficult times and also helped healing when I had a surgery .

She is able to give me messages when I need them and even when I think I don't , I have a continuous appointment to help keep myself on a healing path .

I highly recommend Leeann to help you heal , with her reiki and her mediumship to help with messages .


L.C.~ Orangeville

Learning to meditate has always been a challenge for me until I joined Leeann's Beginner Meditation class. During her classes, I've learned to calm my mind, and I now use the techniques she's taught us regularly. I feel like I'm finally becoming who I'm supposed to be with Leeann's loving guidance and support! She has also helped me connect with loved ones through her incredible mediumship readings. I always leave completely surprised and shocked with how accurate and caring her readings are. I am truly honoured to have met Leeann and to be on this journey with her!

M.W.~ Orangeville 

Dear Leeann, I just wanted to thank you again for the loving messages at the group mediumship reading on Fri June 1st. My mother and I thought it was a wonderful experience, and your beautiful light made it even more special.

C. MW.~ Toronto 

Thank you for the beautiful Reiki treatment today and for the wonderful messages. They were so spot on and meaningful. I truly appreciate the gifts that you share with us in the classes and for me in today's treatment. 

D.M. ~ Orangeville

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